The 7 important SEO factors you might be concerned about when investing in SEO

The 7 most important factors you might be concerned about when investing in an SEO campaign

The 7 most important factors you might be concerned about when investing in an SEO campaign

Factor #1 How to Achieve Page One Ranking?

You will probably want to know the specifications on how an SEO campaign will ensure page one ranking. See full cat brush reviews. You will also need an assurance that it doesn’t interfere with the brand itself.

A professional & competent SEO company will enhance any given brand as well as achieving better visibility.


Factor #2 How Much It’s Going to Cost?

Another major factor you might be concerned about is whether your business has the budget for a campaign. Prices can be variable depending on the company you hire and how much work needs to be done.

Timely discussions with an SEO agency who can guide and help you understand an ROI so that you reap the benefits and the money invested will show a return in a short period of time.

Factor #3 Prospective Earnings

An investment should definitely reap benefits. Hence if your company is investing in SEO, you might want to know how a better ranking of the company website will create sales. Any website that sits on page one of Google will have constant exposure to clients.

The page will be visited often daily which will organically maintain its rank on page one. A successful campaign can lead to major business growth.



Factor #4 How Long Will It Take?

How long it will take before you see an increase of sales depends on a few factors. These factors include:

  • how long your website has been online
  • how much SEO was done before the campaign
  • how much content exists on it already and other factors relating to SEO

Factor#5 Who Should be Hired?

You may want to use a online marketing company that not only has expertise in SEO but has acheived the results for their clients as well as ranking well for their own website.

Factor #6 How is it done?

A good guideline for how an SEO campaign should be done is as follows:

  • Month 1: Research and discovery. A website audit will be conducted and a keyword strategy will be created. Technical changes on the website may be considered.
  • Month 2: Technical SEO work will begin. Website may need to be overhauled. Link profiles will be worked on and content building will commence.
  • Month 3: Content creation & optimisation will include; blogging, articles, product and company information and FAQ#s. You will probably start to see an improvement on rankings at the end of month 3.
  • Month 4: More content creation and technical optimisation of the websites. They will clean up low quality links and you should expect to see an increase in ranking, traffic, and lead generation. These factors will increase every month.
  • Month 5: Incorporating social media management to amplify content which will bring more traffic to your optimised website. This will give your site healthy, organic link profile as well as increasing leads for better sales. Engagement in media and PR outreach would also take place during this month.
  • Month 6: If the SEO campaign was done correctly, we should start seeing notable increase in the traffic. Further content creation/ optimisation will support the campaign… will ensue as well as promoting the content.

Factor #7 Will it Attract the Right Market

An obvious question you may have is whether the traffic is relevant to the overall business. The answer is “yes”

In any SEO campaign, you must use keywords relevant to your business for Google to accept your site for the niche you present.

Not only do you rank higher but also you gain the kind of traffic that you were looking for your product or service.


Spot On

So, if you are still concerned about investing in an SEO campaign, our SEO audit tool can help you decide or you may also fill up our contact form and one of our professional SEO experts will get in touch with you shortly.

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