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Worried that your Google AdWords campaign isn’t working as hard as it should be? Let us take a look at it! We provide the best Pay Per Click Management services in London. Let's Connect and have a discussion.

Pay Per Click Management Services London


Paid Advertising. We know that for many businesses, those two little words can inspire a lot of eye-rolling and sighing. Google AdWords requires serious management, to ensure that they make good ROI, for many businesses, there just aren’t enough hours in the day.

Thankfully, Cresconnect are all experts at AdWords Campaign management. We’ve been working with companies for years, creating effective campaigns strategy, search engine optimization and we know just the right strategies to maximize returns and generate meaningful visits to your site.

We offer campaign set-up, keyword analysis, and content writing and optimizing, automated rules, landing page optimization, bid tweaking services, monitoring and more. Quite simply, we do it all for you, leaving you to carry on with the important task of managing your business! (And best of all, we are very affordable. What can we say…we aim to please!)


Regardless of the size of your company, you want to know that your pay-per-click advertising is working as effectively as possible, not wasting your money. We believe in effective business too, which is why we promise to help you get results with your PPC campaign, within hours of launching.

However, we don’t just leave it there. We continue to assess the success of your campaign, monitoring it carefully to ensure that it’s running on optimum. We refine keywords, identify areas for growth, improve conversions and keep a firm eye on costs, saving you money wherever possible.

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  • Keyword Research
  • Unlimited Keywords
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Ad Groups Setup
  • Ad Copy and Optimisation
  • Location Based Targeting (if required)
  • Ad Scheduling
  • Mobile Bid Adjustments
  • Landing Page Optimisation


  • Conversion Tracking / Optimisation
  • Budget and Bid Maintenance
  • Pause of Low Performers
  • Keyword and Ad Expansion
  • Quality Score and CTR Growth
  • Ad Remarketing (if required)
  • Performance Monitoring
  • Performance Reporting
  • In-Depth Campaign Analysis


  • Dedicated Campaign Manager
  • Longer Day Support
  • Phone & Email Availability
  • Authentic Google Reports
  • Emergency Availability

Avoid the complication…

If you’ve ever tried muddling through Google AdWords campaigns by yourself, you’ll know that it gets complicated. With over a billion websites on the Internet, you know how important it is to get the competitive edge, but struggling to make sense of your campaign can feel like a real headache. If this sounds familiar, then let us help you. We know AdWords inside out, and we’ll manage your campaign, so you don’t have to.

Don’t get it? Don’t worry, we do!

Click through rates under 2.0%? Quality scores under 7? If this is all gibberish, then don’t panic. Give us a call, and we’ll make sure that your PPC Campaign is back on track and doing what it should be doing; which is generating sales as effectively as possible.

Our favourite pastime…

When we tell our clients that we love Google AdWords campaigns, they tend to look at us with disbelief. (And occasionally pity…) However, it is true that we love what we do, which really helps when it comes to creating highly successful AdWords campaigns for your business.

Affordable prices

Whatever your budget, we’ll make sure that your AdWords campaign is firing on all cylinders and getting you excellent ROI.

No Minimum Contract..

We don’t tie you in to any contract and operate on a month-by-month basis. If at any time you feel it’s not for you, just cancel. Simple as that. (We’re confident you love it though. Most of our clients do!)

We’re the Pay Per Click Management Services Company with Google qualified professionals.