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What is Local SEO?

You know how effective SEO practices are for gaining search engine ranking and ultimately growing your business. You can do more however by utilising local SEO. Maybe you’ve never looked into advertising locally but it’s actually the most efficient local business internet marketing strategy. It is extremely effective to invest in local SEO services to get business in your community. With Local SEO, you can promote your services or product to local customers at the very moment they’re looking for your type of business, it may even help you to rise to the top of the organic search rankings. SEO local maximises the use of search engines like Google as well as business directories like Yelp, Superpages and TouchLocal.

Help your business?

Any local business, from plumbers and builders to florists and accountants are capable of using local business marketing to help with their business. The local competition may already be using local SEO services in London. That probably means that you’re getting less business while they gain business. To stay competitive, it’s important to have a local SEO strategy. Probably the biggest gain from being on a local page is your company is exposed at the moment a potential customer needs your service. Local SEO limits the competition thereby giving the local businesses higher chances of conversion. If you own a business targeting the local customers of South London, you may want to be found on the first page when someone is looking for your services in Croydon. This is possible only by implementing an effective Local SEO strategy.

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How is Local SEO different from Organic SEO?

SEO is an ever-growing practice but there are some basic distinctions that exist between SEO local and Organic SEO. Local business internet marketing holds a geographical aspect to it that organic SEO doesn’t. So a UK local SEO expert will spend more time building signals of relevance around a brick-and-mortar business. Organic SEO can be of use to improve rankings and increase traffic for brick-and-mortar sites as well as any other business online. With local SEO, citations are more important. While they are nothing more than references of your company information, NAP which is name, address and phone number are found on a local page like Yelp or Yahoo. You gain more relevance and validity through the eyes of search engines.

  • Best for starters with low competition
  • 5 Local keywords
  • Local Business Setup
  • Website Optimisation for 5 pages
  • Link Building
  • Monthly Reports
  • Best for medium competition
  • 10 Local keywords
  • Website Optimisation for 10 pages
  • Local Business Setup
  • Link Building
  • Monthly Reports
  • Content creation
  • Best for high competition
  • 20 Local keywords
  • Local Business Setup
  • Website Optimisation for 20 pages
  • Link Building
  • Content creation
  • Monthly Reports
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Target Multiple Locations

How Local SEO works?

Local business internet marketing allows local customers to find you when they need you. SEO local puts you in front of your target market efficiently. A UK local SEO expert will focus on covering PC and mobile internet access to ensure you are always found. More and more local customers use mobile phones and mobile ‘apps’ to find best local business while they’re walking around. Local SEO covers both PC & mobile internet access meaning you never miss out on a potential customer. At Cresconnect, our Local SEO services are packaged and delivered to cater to your individual business and offer desired results.

  • Local SEO audit

    With the use of Google My Business, a Local SEO can conduct a NAP audit (name, address and phone number). Off-site signals include inbound links and building social media influence gives your site credibility.

  • Local Competition Analysis

    Many benefits can come from competitor research when you do a local competition analysis. Your local SEO strategy should identify trends within your niche market. You can match your competitor’s strategies and find out more about customer desires.

  • Local Keyword Phrase Selection

    An important local SEO strategy is to use the right local keyword phrase. When choosing your local keyword for Google Local Pack rankings, your SEO Company will use significant phrases within content.

  • Consistent and relevant citations

    Citations validate the existence of your business in a certain area. Consistent and relevant citations should always include your business name, physical address and phone numbers. A local SEO strategy should focus on consistency.

  • Google My Business

    For your local SEO efforts, getting your owner verified profile is essential. On Google My Business, you need to verify your business. When you do, you become eligible to appear on Google search, maps and mobile.

  • Link building

    With the proper anchor text in link building efforts, you will reach your target market. When local SEO is performed properly, your conversions are high. 1 out of 2 people that find you will buy from you.

  • Unique Local content

    Unique content is important in any Local SEO strategy. Search engines seek out authoritative content with topical keywords now than before. As you target a local place to gain organic rankings, you effectively reach your target market.

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