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    When it comes to websites, it pays to be at the top. Everyone wants their company to be on the first page of search results. It used to be obtainable for all companies, regardless of size; but these days, getting your company noticed can be tough. However, it’s never been more important for your company to have a strong organic presence online.

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    1. Cost-effective marketing at its best

      Ad campaigns can be devastatingly effective, but equally as devastating on the bank balance, especially if you don’t manage them carefully. Organic marketing provides quality traffic, more visitors and far better conversions.

    2. Get out your big guns and compete on a level playing field

      The internet is rapidly approaching a mass of one billion active websites. SEO can level the playing field between big and small businesses. A well-defined and properly implemented SEO campaign allows you to rank higher than many of your larger competitors online.

    3. Reach your customers

      Believe it or not, up to 80% of Google users will click on a link in the organic search results, rather than clicking on an Ad. In short, it pays to be visible in the organic rankings if you want your customers to reach you.

    4. Lasting Results

      The best thing about getting to the first page organically? It’s actually easier than you think to stay there! With the right approach, your company can enjoy long-lasting visibility and long-term improved web traffic.

    5. Create a Good impression

      Google is a trusted search engine. As a result, if you appear on the first page of search results, viewers will automatically presume that you’re trustworthy too, and chances of them buying from you are greatly increased.

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