7 Effective Methods that Will Make Your Small Company Rank Higher

7 Effective Methods that Will Make Your Small Company Rank Higher

7 Effective Methods that Will Make Your Small Company Rank Higher

1) Be Patient About Your Growth

Build a handful of rich anchor text links every month and let your site rank at a steady pace. If you build links to quickly to your site, it won’t rank well. The best rule of thumb is to build just 5-10 rich anchor text links. If you use this practice, you’ll find that you only need to do it for about 6 months before your site organically moves up the ranks. It’s far more important for the link building to look natural than to have it grow too quickly.

2) Have Great Profiles for Social Sites

Google and other search engines are now considering how people react to your social site pages. Google’s Webmaster Tools allows you to see how many people voted for your website and how it’s helping your traffic. Having a solid fan base that supports you will get you some great votes and of course the more the better. Every article you write, every post you put up should be in alignment to your company brand and consistent with what your readers like about you.

3) Obtaining Website Mentions on the Internet

In order to get people to mention your website online, you’re going to have to promote it. Most people create blog content which is a powerful tool to getting people engaged. By adding social media buttons to your website, you can then encourage users to click on them. This is going to affect search engine traffic in the future.

4) Diversify Links

Links come in many different forms whether it’s blog roll links, homepage links, links from blog posts, directory links etc. Instead of building just one type of link, mix it up to rank higher. Getting links to your sites from blogs, directories and homepages that are relevant will have your site ranking high in no time.

5) Great Content

Adding unique content to your site like a questions and answers community can be advantageous. You have to keep the content engaging and make sure to monitor your community of course but if you’re diligent, your site will begin to rank higher. Keep adding more content to your site to gain search engine advantages. Keep it quality and your pages will get natural links.

6) Get Links the Smart Way

You can formulate the best way to get natural links in a very effective way. Spend money on content and then give it away for free. For example, create a beautiful infographic (or have one made for you by a pro) and email popular bloggers to see if they want the rights to it. Tell them you’re willing to give them exclusive rights in exchange for them linking back to your site. If you’re going to use this strategy, you should create something appealing in order for high authority sites to want to pick it up.

7) Utilise Google Keywords

Let’s face it, Google is the god of search engines so ranking high on it should be your main goal. Google Keyword Planner is a tool within Google AdSense which lets you track keywords and if you use it wisely, it can assist you in ranking higher. You will also get keyword suggestions which you can then use in your content. Look at the site and get familiar with how it works. This is a great free service that will help you create a keyword campaign to assist rankings in Google.

Sometimes, it is that simple step that works to get a better SERP. Right direction, relevant content and the above guide will begin the journey to help your website to rank higher. If this worked for you, feel free to leave us feedback.

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