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SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation, is one of the hottest marketing terminologies around. But what is it exactly? Quite simply, SEO isn’t one thing, but a comprehensive set of techniques, which when combined; help your company to improve your rankings on search engines such as Google and Bing. What does that mean for your company? Better rankings online mean a far better chance of being found online by your customers, which in turn, increases sales and improves profits. (Sounds good, doesn’t it!)

Cresconnect specialise in professional SEO services. In fact, we’ve been doing it for years, so we really know what we’re doing. We’ve gone from being a small London SEO company to an international firm with years of first page results under our belts.

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Think it’s all about link exchanges, submitting articles and inserting keywords? Think again. These days, the emphasis is on providing quality content, gaining a strong social presence and generating natural linking structures. If this all sounds a little bit too complex, don’t worry, that’s where we come in. We love keeping up to date with Google algorithms and developing up to date seo strategies; in fact, it’s our reason for being! We’ll look over your site, identifying any problem areas, and then develop a comprehensive, ethical strategy, to send your website catapulting out of obscurity and into the top pages of the search engines.

We’re so confident about our abilities, that we even offer a free SEO analysis of your site. Just get in touch, and we’ll examine your site, and tell you how we can help you to generate better exposure and more sales.

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Organic SEO Services – What’s the big deal?

Everyone wants their company to be on the first page of the search results. Historically, this has been attainable for companies of all shapes and sizes, but in recent years, getting to the top of Google has become ferociously competitive. In fact, it’s never been more important for your company to have a strong organic SEO strategy in place. Allow us to explain…

  • Cost-effective marketing

    Ad campaigns can be devastatingly effective, but equally as devastating on the bank balance, especially if not managed carefully. Organic marketing provides quality traffic, more visitors and generally, far better conversions.

  • Get out your big guns and compete on a level playing field

    The internet is rapidly approaching a mass of one billion active websites. SEO can level the playing field between big and small businesses. A well defined and properly implemented SEO campaign can allow a small business to rank higher than many of its larger competitors, for the same keywords.

  • Reach your customers

    Believe it or not, up to 80% of Google users will click on a link in the organic search results, rather than clicking on an Ad. In short, it pays to be visible in the organic rankings if you want your customers to reach you.

  • Lasting Results

    The best thing about getting to the first page organically? It’s actually easier than you think to stay there! With the right approach, your company can enjoy long-lasting visibility and improved web traffic, for the long term.

  • Good impressions

    Google is a trusted search engine. As a result, if you appear on the first page of search results, viewers will automatically presume that you’re trustworthy too, and chances of them buying from you are greatly increased.

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