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Using Our Expertise to Promote Your Ecommerce Shop and Increase Your Sales

Having an Ecommerce shop and not using Ecommerce SEO to communicate with your target audience is a big no! Your shop could have products and offers that many customers are looking for, and you need to tap them with the right strategy at the right time to convert them as buyers. This is possible if you invest rightly in Ecommerce SEO. You might think it is just a clever use of building links, writing blog posts, and targeting specific keywords, but this is only a textbook definition that will not help you deal with reality.
Ecommerce SEO is more than that. The right Ecommerce SEO company will accentuate the execution of best practices for improving site visibility through search engine results. Our Ecommerce SEO Services contain technical SEO Audit and Google penalty recovery services that will boost your website’s presence and attract more customers.

39% of all Global traffic comes from search engines

79% of consumers click on organic listings first

93% of online experiences begin with search engines

If done right, SEO can drive a 14% conversion rate

Why Choose Us?

Online retailing is a big business and players face fierce competition from each other. To increase sales, you need an in-depth and robust SEO Strategy created by specialists. Since launching our Ecommerce SEO Services successfully 10 years ago, we have had the pleasure of collaborating with many different Ecommerce brands. Our clients have approached us looking for solutions for issues such as a better ranking on industry keywords and an increase in Ecommerce sales. For every client’s unique requirements, our experts create an informed strategy that fills all the gaps in the client’s business.
For some clients, we have increased their business by 5 times and we work continuously to surpass this number. In a nutshell, we know what works and what does not, we know when to think outside the box, and we know when to use conventional methods, we know how to drive traffic to your website and we know how to increase your sales. Through our Ecommerce SEO Services in London, our sole purpose is to increase your site revenue via organic channels.

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    Our Process

    Research and Analysis

    We carry out thorough keyword research. It helps us find and target keywords that have the best performance for your business and for which you can rank at or near the top of the first page. We analyse the SEO profiles of your top competitors. To get to the top in business, we single out the most Effective SEO Strategies. All these findings and understandings equip us to create a rational and customised Ecommerce SEO Strategy

    SEO Audit

    An Ecommerce SEO Audit is a stepping stone to any thriving Ecommerce SEO Strategy. We check how your website’s analytics are set up and if they are sharing the relevant data with your SEO team. Concentrating fundamentally on vendor systems, practices, capabilities, and compliances, our team of experts conducts thorough Technical Audits.
    This data will help us understand how the site is performing, and we will be able to offer our adept suggestions for your product pages, strategic content, and the remaining parts of your website.


    We invest time in extensive keyword research that provides us with keywords that are necessary for the business and can also make your Ecommerce Website rank at or near the top of the first search page. We pay serious attention to the usage of these business-driving keywords in the fundamental content and strategic content. Fundamental content comprises of content such as the content on main pages, metadata, category pages, and product detail pages. Strategic content includes tutorials, blog posts, videos, guides, and infographics.

    On-Site Optimisation

    It refers to the process of making your Ecommerce Website as relevant and satisfactory as possible. It means that your shop has to attract both search engines and users. We will check and improve the public appearance of your shop and behind-the-scene coding and technical set-up that is seen only by the search engines. The technical side of your Ecommerce Website, involves site structure, site speed, and schema markup, among others.

    Content Creation

    As an accomplished Ecommerce SEO Agency, we follow this 4-step strategy: plan, create, promote, and optimise. To promote and create brand awareness for an Ecommerce Website, we implement Content Marketing Strategies to increase traffic on the website, boost conversions and pump up sales. Our thumb rule is to produce less but distribute more. Our content is not only superior and backlinked with effective sources but also strategised accurately for content marketing purposes to churn out the best results for your business.

    Off-site Optimisation

    These are actions that we take outside your Ecommerce Website to positively impact your rankings within search engine results pages (SERPs). Off-site optimisation includes enhancing search engine and user perception of a site’s popularity, relevance, reliability, and authority. This happens when other pages, sites, or people on the Internet promote or link to your website. This builds credibility for your content’s quality. In this exercise, we focus on getting high-quality backlinks from reliable sources

    Platforms We Support

    A single strategy cannot wear multiple hats to solve problems for different businesses. We recommend using original and customised plans to help businesses of different sizes. For local shops, local marketing is a brilliant method to generate leads. Resourcefully boosting your business’ online presence and endorsing its visibility on location-based searches can sometimes be challenging. But with a Local SEO Company like Cresconnect, you can gain more visibility for your business and design a suitable growth-oriented SEO strategy. Our Local SEO Services in London function to promote all your business locations. Even if you are in less locations, we make sure that they count.

    Case Studies

    See actual results showing how our marketing experts developed marketing campaigns that improved traffic and conversions for real Ecommerce businesses. Our digital agency can drive this type of brand awareness and results for your Ecommerce brand!