These 10 Tips Will Help You Reach Your Customers Better

These 10 Tips Will Help You Reach Your Customers Better

These 10 Tips Will Help You Reach Your Customers Better

With so much competition online, you can’t follow the formal guidelines of reaching out to people. The rule of thumb to stand out is about daring to be different. While there are ways to gain better exposure, you also must think outside of the box. You should invest back into your company in the smartest and most effective ways. Here are some tips to assist you in reaching the right customers.

1) Give out free samples

Whatever it is you’re selling, giving out a free sample is a highly effective means to reaching customers. Nobody is going to throw away something free that will enhance their life. Think about what you can offer that represents your company best and starting giving it away for free. If you’re electronic, this could be a free “How-To” guide.

2) Host an online event

Reach out to your customers by hosting a webinar that is highly useful to potential customers. It should involve solving some kind or problem or a guide on how to do something. Hosting online also generates traffic so you have more benefits when you create an event. Put together your own Meetup group with a niche defined theme. This allows you to target the right people that could potentially become clients.

3) Get into the Reddit Community

Reddit is a great tool to spread the word about your product or services and can easily attract many fans. Your job is to create engaging content on a regular basis, offering useful information. This develops your reputation on sub-reddits like Small Business. You can ask for feedback on your services or product here.

4) Selfie Campaign

Why not create something like a selfie campaign. First, start taking pictures of yourself with your product so people get the general idea of what you are doing. Then, reach out to loyal customers, friends or employees and ask them to take selfies with your products. Be sure to include contest and offer discounts or prizes to those who are advertising your products via selfie pictures.

5) Run a LinkedIn Group

To build your authority and gain a loyal audience, run a LinkedIn group and moderate it on your own. You can reach out to your desired demographic and ask them to become a part of your group. Then post helpful tips and articles while of course promoting other people’s work to show you’re invested in their success too. Send out promotions or request feedback to create more interest in your business.

6) Ride on someone else’s coat tail

Why go through all the hard work of gaining an audience when the community has already been brought together by someone else? Identify people and influencers with a big social media and blog following. Contact them about your services and offer to lend a hand. What you aim to do here is create a relationship before asking if they would team up and work with you. Submit a guest post or ask for a mention in their next newsletter.

7) Utilise YouTube

Get creative and create fun videos by using toys to get your message across. While tutorials can get you some exposure, YouTube is saturated with these types of videos. Make a Claymation with Play-Doh. If you have kids, get their feedback and use their toys. Think outside of the box, make it fun and make sure it’s relevant.

8) Join up with someone in the industry

See who’s running a promotion in your industry online and ask if you can donate free products as a prize. You could potentially reach a new type of customer you didn’t know you had and find yourself in a viral promotion getting you valuable press.

9) Create an online course

Create a free ecourse to build trust with potential customers. This can include offering real solutions to a problem. Udemy has made it easy to create a course and they have a built-in audience of people looking for classes and content. At the end of the course, offer free services, coupons or samples in exchange for signing up to get your newsletter.

10) Viral contest

You may have to spend some money when you set up a viral contest in order to get people’s interest. You may offer up free laptops, cash or even a vacation and set up ways to help your readers spread the word. For example, you could tell them that for every tweet and social share they make, they get an extra chance to win.

You can start by trying two or three strategies mentioned above to reach out to your million customers!

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