Like, Follow, Retweet: A Social Media Guide for the Rest of Us

Like, Follow, Retweet: A Social Media Guide for the Rest of Us

Like, Follow, Retweet: A Social Media Guide for the Rest of Us

Are you trying to grow brand awareness and engage with your customers in a new way and have decided social media is the way to go? Social media can in fact offer huge advantages for companies looking to reach a broader audience and create brand awareness, but there is a science behind it. It needs to be done just right in order to get the results you’re hoping for, the results that can lead to an increase in customers and sales.

In this blog we’ll take a look at what likes, follows, and retweets mean to you when it comes to advertising through social media. If the whole concept seems a bit too overwhelming even after the guide, it could be beneficial to look at hiring a social media representative, at least in the short-term.

What is a “Like”?

First of all it’s important to determine where and how you get likes. When you create a text and/or picture post in Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, visitors to your page/account can then “like” the comment or photo. This doesn’t mean they are commenting, they are simply liking it. Where this works to your advantage is that it then shows up in their feed that they have liked something of yours. The more likes you get, the more interest you’ll generate because their friends may decide to check out it, and so forth. It creates a snowball effect if you will.

As well you can end up trending if you get enough likes. This can happen on Twitter and Instagram, and once you’re trending or showing high in the results, you’re opening the door to more potential views.

What is a “Follow”?

In terms of a follow, these can happen on top three popular ones as well – Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. A follow means a person has requested to “follow” your account. The more followers you can get, the more your name gets out there and the more buzz you’ll create for yourself. Keep in mind a like and follow are two different things. A person can like your comment or photo without actually following you. Ideally you’ll want to get people to follow you and get them to come back on a regular basis.

Follows happen when you post content that others find interesting, engaging, fun, educational, etc. so keep this in mind as you create your posts.

What is a “Retweet”?

A retweet is something that happens through Twitter. What it means is that you “tweet” out a comment, picture, or link, and then other users then copy that comment and send it out to all of their followers. The credit is given to the original poster, so not to worry it all leads back to you. Getting people to retweet what you are tweeting is huge, and can really help with brand awareness.

If you find yourself having difficulty with any of these, it’s always a good idea to get help from the social media experts and get your brand noticed in all the right ways.

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