The Big Question: Do You Really Need SEO?

The Big Question: Do You Really Need SEO?

The Big Question: <b>Do You Really Need SEO</b>?

Search engine optimisation, some argue, is a vital part of any successful marketing plan. After all, if your website is virtually invisible on Google, how can you possibly expect to gain business through it? However, SEO is something of a ‘dark art’. Search engines such as Google continually update their algorithms to keep businesses on their toes; and getting your site to rank highly can be time-consuming, not to mention costly at times.

SEO: Powerful Marketing or an Unnecessary Expense?

There are some who would argue that it is possible to do efficient search engine optimisation yourself, without hiring additional help. This is an attractive option. After all, who wouldn’t want to potentially save their company a significant amount of money?

However, the simple truth of the matter is that, if it were that easy, every company would be doing it. The success of SEO doesn’t just rely upon one technique. Instead, it requires effective management of a whole range of different aspects of your site. In short, it’s a tricky thing to master.

This, of course, means that hiring an SEO company makes for an appealing choice. Are they an unnecessary expense? That depends entirely on the level of return you get from your investment and the measurable results that you can see from their efforts.

Measuring a Successful SEO Campaign

In order to gauge whether or not your SEO company is generating good results, you need to be able to measure its success. Ask to see some form of report, to see just how much traffic has been generated since you hired extra help with your search engine optimisation.

Increased traffic is good, but don’t immediately presume that more visitors equals more business. After all, if you’ve got one SEO company generating 100s of visitors per day to your site, but you only receive three or four orders a day, this is actually less effective than the company that generates only 50 visitors to your site, but gets you 10 orders.

It’s also up to you to ask your customers where they found you. If you notice that more people indicate that they found you via the search engines, then you have concrete proof that your SEO campaign is working well.

SEO: Search Engine Optimisation or Seriously Expensive Option?

If you join forces with a well-regarded, well-established SEO company, there’s no reason at all why you shouldn’t see an excellent return on your investment. Their focus will be on ensuring that they focus on engagement and prominence of your site. They’ll do this by:

  • Creating relevant content
  • Providing fresh content on a regular basis
  • Ensuring your site is very responsive and well-structured
  • Providing real value for your prospective clients
  • Focusing on the long-term benefits, rather than short-term gains

Building Your Online Business: A Metaphor for Success

When it comes to successful SEO, it’s a little like building a house. The starting point of the process is the design of your website. Your web designer, like an architect, will ensure that the ‘foundations’ are in place; that the site can stand the test of time, look aesthetically pleasing and is easy to move around in (easy to navigate).

Think of your SEO company as a good interior designer; who will focus on presenting the property / website in its best light. They’re also a bit like an estate agent, making sure that the right people step through ‘the door’ and that they’re inspired to make a purchase.

After all, this is ultimately what SEO is all about; helping your business to increase sales by optimising all aspects of your site.

Wishing you all the best in your online journey.

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