If your marketing strategy is risking your website’s visibility, it’s time to invest in an SEO campaign.

If your marketing strategy is risking your website’s visibility, it’s time to invest in an SEO campaign.

If your marketing strategy is risking <span>your website’s visibility</span>, it’s time to invest in an SEO campaign.

SEO is a powerful way to get your business noticed. There are over 100 billion searches per month along with mobile outgrowing desktop searches. Sites that come from nowhere can rank well and gain traffic with the help of SEO which is considered one of the highest converting traffic methods for online gain. Here are ten signs that it’s time for you to invest in an SEO campaign.

#1 Your Site has Broken Links

If your site has broken links, you may be missing out on valuable sales opportunities. Your Google ranking can be affected as dead end pages are noticed and penalised.

Once people land on a broken link, they cannot come back. An SEO campaign allows someone to thoroughly check your site for any broken links.

#2 Low Quality Content

If the content on your site is not high quality & user engaging, nobody will stay for long. Also, Google looks for how long you can maintain a visitor’s attention on your site. If your content has little to do with your product or is boring to read, people will leave quickly thereby increasing the bounce rate.


Even though your content is imaginative and unique, you’ll still need someone familiar with SEO to generate and incorporate the right keywords into the content. This allows the website to rank higher in Google and other search engines.

#3 Your Landing Pages Need Work

A well managed landing page is essential in getting indexed in Google while attracting visitors. Plugins and add-ons can create a problem with the index and measurement of Google.

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A  good SEO can create the right content to keep people on your site and solve problems related to a bad landing page.

#4 Targeting Customers

An SEO campaign done correctly will provide more exposure to your site. More importantly, the content should be created with the target audience in mind. This will lead to a highly-optimised marketing and promotion of your products and services, appealing to the people that will be more inclined to buy.

#5 Slow Loading Pages

When your pages load slowly, visitors will lose patience and leave quickly. An SEO expert will optimise your site so it loads quickly for excellent customer experience. Each page will be tested and optimised to enhance user experience. Fast loading pages allow a seamless experience for potential customers.

#6 Set Yourself Apart

Google may become confused if your brand name is similar to another company.


For search purposes, this can damage your business!!!


#7 Your Competitors are Doing It

If your competitors are using SEO, they will soon be ranking higher and will get many of your business opportunities. If you don’t use SEO strategies while your competitors do, they can put you out of business.

#8 Keep Track of Things

With SEO, you are able to tracks leads and figure out where you get your traffic from. This will allow you to focus on the particular traffic that you continue to attract.

#9 Works Well with PPC

If you spend all your energy and money with PPC campaigns, you’d be spending a lot. PPC and SEO are a powerful team. Your SEO campaign will ensure you’re doing well with your PPC so you can strategise properly and spend money wisely.

#10 You Get the Best Online Exposure

If you want to get closer to consumers, SEO is the organic way to do it. Any given SEO strategy has been tried, tested and true to help your customers find you. You can become more searchable with the various search engines and mobile devices.


Online exposure makes all the difference to the bottom line of your business. SEO is mandatory for business growth when it’s online based.


Don’t let your competitors take away potential business.


An SEO campaign gives you the leading edge and truly offers results you can see!!!

If you have tried a different way that has worked for you, please do share and let us know. Also if you have a website get a free analysis of your website done today!!!

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