8 Ways to Rank Higher in Google without Breaking the Bank

8 Ways to Rank Higher in Google without Breaking the Bank

8 Ways to Rank Higher in Google without Breaking the Bank

Ranking on top pages of Google is not easy in the fiercely competitive market of nearly 1 billion websites. Many big businesses have large budget campaigns to be seen on the first page of Google. It’s not realistic for small to medium sized companies so thankfully there are other alternatives. There are devious ways to trick Google into ranking you higher but you risk getting “caught out” and being put on the Black Hat black list. It’s much better to stay legitimate and organically make your way up the Google ranking. Here’s how.

Create Unique Content

Google likes a site that provides unique content from any other site online and besides that, so do your readers. People are essentially using the internet to find information which is why Google puts you in high regard if you offer relevant content. Contagious content that people want to share in the form of videos, blog posts or eBooks has big benefits for you. People link to your site and Google acknowledges it through search engine calculations. The more back-links you have to your blog, the better the ranking

Off-Page Link Build

Many of the industry experts will tell you that off-page link building is extremely effective in your campaign to rank higher in Google. It is considered one of the most important tasks in gaining rank with the search engines. The main contributing piece of the puzzle are backlinks.

Why Backlinks are So Essential

The backlink is the link you use to get you to another page and lets search engines know that other webpages like and use the information on your page. The more sites that you have linked to your webpage, the better your ranking will be. Of course, larger websites are going to gain you more notoriety than a lesser known site.

Consistent Blogging

In order to give people the unique information they’re looking for, your best platform is to do consistent blogs. Blog posts should often include the solving of a problem because that’s what will bring readers to you. You should try to include captivating photography which can be found free online.

Stay Organic

Don’t purchase backlinks in hopes to improve your ranking as you may have the opposite effect. Google is onto companies that purchase cheap backlinks and you may have lower ranking than when you began. Also, it’s not cost efficient and it’s hard to tell where you stand. It’s much better to let professional content producers properly backlink your webpages to relevant sites.

Site Optimisation

Your site should please Google as much as the content on it. It should load quickly as Google pays attention to this. Also, using a new theme that is lesser known comes with benefits as it stands out from the rest. There shouldn’t be any broken links and ensure that you have good permalink structure. Make sure to install a sitemap as it assists Google in indexing your site more easily because you’re basically handing them a map of your site

Comments on Other Blogs

Not only are you opening lines of communication with other industry leaders like yourself, it counts as a backlink. This was one of the first true methods of SEO strategy and still stands as an important element today. You also get more traffic and make new relationships.

Use Social Media

Google looks to social media as a signal of any given article’s authority as well as relevance. For example, if thousands of people are tweeting about your article, you’ve written something worth talking about. You first should gain a loyal following and write compelling content that people want to promote for you. You must stay present as well and remember the golden rule. Tweet others as you would expect to get tweeted yourself.

Well, definitely there are plenty other ways. But we have discussed some of the strategies in this blog. Try each of them and let us know what worked for you.

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