The Brave New World of Instagram

The Brave New World of Instagram

The Brave New World of Instagram

You may be asking why an Instagram account could help you. It’s just a place to post a picture and a short comment right? Well that’s not exactly true. When used correctly Instagram can be a wonderful and free marketing tool that is able to reach audiences you may not have otherwise been able to reach. It’s not just a younger more hip audience either, as pretty much everyone has an Instagram account nowadays.

Now here are some interesting stats to consider. According to Hootsuite Instagram is able to get more engagement per follower than Twitter and Facebook, and not just a bit better, but a huge increase over the other two social networks. So if you’ve been relying solely on Twitter and Facebook for brand engagement, it’s time to re-think your direction.

Of course there is also the fact that setting up and using your Instagram account is free. What other marketing plan can you think of that pretty much assures brand engagement and is completely free? This is the kind of tool that fits into any business’s marketing budget.

Creating the Perfect Post

So now that you’re ready to set up an Instagram account and have decided it’s the way to go, you need to be sure you’re using Instagram to its fullest potential. If you are a small to medium sized business you’ll likely have someone in the office looking after these posts, preferably someone who is comfortable and experienced with social networks. For large sized companies they tend to have a designated social network representative, possibly multiple representatives looking after the various accounts and sites.

A perfect Instagram post is of course one that has an engaging picture. Without this picture you’re not going to generate interest. You are trying to get likes and followers, so that you are trending and therefore able to appeal to a wider audience.

Besides the photo you also want to use tags that can help when people use the search tool. You can also provide a link to your Facebook page, website, Twitter account, tag others in the post, and more. Ideally you want to keep the comment fairly brief, the same with the tags. While there isn’t a limit to what you can write, people don’t usually want to tackle a wall of text.

Another aspect of your posts is giving thought to how often you should post and if there is a better time of day to post. Unfortunately there is no blanket response for these questions it’s going to involve some trial and error.

With just a little time and effort Instagram will be working for you in no time, and getting your brand out to a whole new audience.

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