Increase Your Ecommerce Sales Using Best Digital Marketing Practising

Increase Your Ecommerce Sales Using Best Digital Marketing Practising

Increase Your Ecommerce Sales Using Best Digital Marketing Practising

Ecommerce stores are also striving to increase their conversions and sales. As there are many marketing practices, it can be challenging to decide how to work on your strategy. Keeping this in mind, we have collated the best digital marketing practices that will help you increase your online store’s sales.

You can implement these ideas, monitor their performances, and decide on which methods are the best ones to increase sales.

Integrate Instagram

Instagram is one of the most used social media apps that is actively used by brands to connect their consumers and target audience.

Taking attractive photos, strategic usage of hashtags, and posting at the right time can help you build a large community on Instagram. The one and the only way to create an organic Instagram presence is to engage with your followers continuously. This you can do by organising contests, sharing BTS videos, talking about your products, and their development process. You can create posts and stories and link them to products on your ecommerce website.

Work on Cart Abandonment

All ecommerce stores experience visitors abandoning their carts without buying the product. They do not complete the checkout process for many reasons and leave the items in their cart, later or never going ahead with the purchases, but that also depends on many factors. According to the Baymard Institute, 69.23% of users abandon their shopping carts.

A constructive and straightforward method to tackle the issue of abandoned carts is to create an appealing email recovery campaign. Through this campaign, you can pitch these visitors to revisit your store and complete their original purchase.

Send Wish list Reminder Emails

Quite similar to abandoned cart email, wish list reminder emails can be effectively used to persuade customers to buy the products they are interested in buying. In these emails, you can share information such as the item’s price drop, the item on sale, the item is present in many wish lists or carts, or only a few pieces are remaining. Whatever you think can bring back your customers, can be used in this email.

Keep the User Experience Simple

It is absolutely essential that your visitors enjoy searching and buying products from your store. It should not be a necessity but a choice for them. You should make sure that the navigation is easy, content is easy to read and understand, the design is clean and focuses on the product, and text and visuals are correctly balanced, among others.

These are some basic ideas that can help you connect with your customers, make their experience with the store better, and increase your sales. You can experiment with these and see how they affect your sales. Also, with our expertise in ecommerce services such as SEO, PPC, and CRO, we can assist you in increasing your ecommerce sales. Feel free to get in touch with our team here or call us at 020 7060 9584.

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