How to Generate Traffic and Drive Sales with a Google Shopping Campaign in 2021

How to Generate Traffic and Drive Sales with a Google Shopping Campaign in 2021

How to Generate Traffic and Drive Sales with a Google Shopping Campaign in 2021

Google Shopping is an excellent way for buyers to look, browse and compare products from a vast range of brands and retailers. It is definitely vital in growing your ecommerce store’s traffic and sales. The key is to know and cleverly use the best practices that will assist you in optimising your Google Shopping results.

  • Create a strategic campaign

When you start working on your Google Shopping strategy, your aim should be to ask the right questions, as in what is the end objective of this strategy. It could be:

  • Are you planning to increase brand awareness?
  • What areyour campaign’s KPIs?
  • Do you want to improveyour cost-per-conversion, click-through rate or conversion rate?

Google Shopping is immensely helpful in expanding your ecommerce store’s online presence. Many customers, when going through Google Shopping, are usually involved in comparison shopping and ready to see what retailers are offering.

Many customers visit the brand’s website through the Google Shopping product listing. They compare similar products in the same product category on different websites. They may also shift to the other category and purchase there.

  • Focus on product pricing

Your pricing strategy will determine your success. If your products are priced below market average, you’ll receive more clicks. It also impacts the Google algorithm. In a study, researchers found that when brands up the average product price, their total impressions begin to drop.

Numerous users who are in the research and evaluation phase, click on various Google Shopping Ads. To attract these shoppers, you can advertise your Hero Product at a lesser price, and this will help you in boosting conversion and staying aggressive within online advertising.

Another way to attract online footfall is to use Merchant Promotions in Google Merchant Center. This will definitely highlight your special offers and help your products stay competitive.

Your ROI will be impacted by both bidding and pricing. If you are pricing your product higher, to manage a similar type of impression, you’ll have to bid higher. Vice versa, if you decrease your product price, your profit margins will be lower.

  • Utilise the product data

To interest people in your products and giving them enough details so that they make a well-informed purchase, you have to use accurate and high-quality product data. Also, to help Google match your product with shoppers’ search keywords, you need to focus on fields such as title, description, and other structured data markups.

Use the following tips:

  • Include your keyword in your product title
  • Use the best product category
  • Write detailed descriptions highlighting all critical information such as colour, specifications and type of material used.
  • During the sale, highlight the price reduction with the “sale” tag
  • Use custom labels like “clearance” and “best seller” to highlight products

Make sure that you are using updated product data, and it is optimised according to shoppers’ search queries which will help your Shopping campaign succeed.


With Remarketing for Shopping ads, Google lets you custom-tailor particular Audiences that you can add to your campaigns. It is budget-conscious and usually has a more significant ROI compared to new ads.

Suppose you have a list of cart abandoners, these are the people who clicked on your shopping ads, reached your site, added to your website cart and then exited the website without buying anything. When these people visit Google and search again, your Shopping ads have a higher possibility of appearing again. This can be the final push for them to revisit your site and make the purchase.

These methods have proven to be useful for many businesses. Rightly and methodically using them will help you generate traffic and increase sales with your Google Shopping Campaign.

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