How important is Responsive Web Design? Top Five Reasons

How important is Responsive Web Design? Top Five Reasons

How important is Responsive Web Design? Top Five Reasons

Everyone that has a business faces the task of web design and development. Typically, people have an idea of what they want and tend to get excited about design but their bubble bursts when the webmaster picks it apart. Why does this happen? Because the beautiful website that was chosen is not responsive. It looks great on a PC and is a nuisance on a mobile phone. Responsive web design is the make or break of your business right now. At least it’s one of the biggest factors in how well you succeed in the digital world. The bottom line is, if the potential customer can’t navigate to what they need to go to, then they’ll go to a more responsive site and that means lost business for you.

what to do about the issue :

Choosing a company that can best communicate your brand in a visually appealing way is important. But, being able to navigate it on any device; especially mobile, is what spot on web development is all about. Here are the top reasons why it’s important and the benefits of having one.

1. Fluidity: The content on the website is more fluid. The flow is easy to read. This means the content moves across platforms and devices smoothly and maintains its shape. The grids stay the same as well as the pictures and the words on the page

2. Excellence in User Experience: your website must give an optimal experience regardless of the device that is being used to access it. It has to look, feel and navigate smoothly on all platforms. Web design is all about flexibility and ease of use. The majority of people still is not that tech savvy but know they have to go online to find information on anything they want to do. So, making that experience as seamless as you can afford to do it is a must. Potential and even existing clients will eventually go somewhere else simply because they are unable to traverse the murky waters of your website.

3. Cost Effective and Efficient: Responsive Web Design is more cost effective because your prospective clients will be directed to one site; one web address and will be able to take advantage of a variety of navigational options. When you have a website made only for mobile devices it will lack that.

4. Google Recommends it: When the god of search speaks, marketers listen, it’s as simple as that.

5. Simple to Manage: It’s better to have one site to manage SEO than several. It costs less and there is less manpower needed as well.

Bottom line, responsive web design is a staple in your marketing arsenal.
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