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Your SEO Resolutions for 2015: How to Improve Your Site Ranking This Year

Thanks to Google's recent updates, the face of SEO has changed significantly once again. Last year, saw new Panda, Penguin and Pigeon updates, not to mention many of the 'traditional' ways of managing SEO falling by the wayside. A...[...]

XML Sitemaps: A Brief Guide

What exactly is an XML sitemap? In simple terms, it's an incredibly useful file that contains all the URLs on one specific website. An XML, or Extensible Markup Language Sitemap (to give the proper title) often includes metadata ...[...]

The Big Question: Do You Really Need SEO?

Search engine optimisation, some argue, is a vital part of any successful marketing plan. After all, if your website is virtually invisible on Google, how can you possibly expect to gain business through it? However, SEO is someth...[...]

Using Robots.txt with a Sitemap Location

A robots.txt file is a useful way of flagging something to the web robots trawling your content, and it's certainly nothing new. However, we've recently started using them in a rather different way; employing robots.txt validators...[...]

The Changing Face of SEO

The Changing Face of SEO: Content on Your Site… and How to Ensure it's Working to Improve Your Rankings Rewind a few years or so, and the most popular SEO strategy for many companies across the world began and ended with keywor...[...]