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Keeping to Speed After Hummingbird – Google’s Latest Changes and its Impact in 2014

In August 2013, Google released Hummingbird, the latest algorithm system to send shock-waves rippling through businesses, web developers and SEO experts alike. Even as we approach the summer months of 2014, almost a year after ...[...]

Responsive Design VS Separate Mobile Site – What Is the Best Option?

The battle between responsive design and creating a separate mobile site still rages on, and chances are, if you’re looking to have your site updated, or recreated, you want to know which option is right for you. Today many c...[...]

SEO how-to:
Tailoring Your Keywords

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) has developed a formidable reputation in recent years. Many businesses consider it as a ‘dark art’, something that only the elite few can truly master, and as a result, tend to automatically p...[...]