Artificial Intelligence: Using it in SEO Content Creation

Artificial Intelligence: Using it in SEO Content Creation

Artificial Intelligence: Using it in SEO Content Creation

There’s a good probability that you’ve gone through an AI-generated copy in the last few days but couldn’t spot the difference. Artificial intelligence and machine learning are making incredible influences in all sectors, and content creation is no exemption.

As more businesses realise the need for organic traffic and attempt to drive more customer engagement, the necessity for original content is meant to increase. But the good news is that machines are no wherein keeping up with the increasing content demand.

No matter what kind of content you write or what stories your brand portrays, there’s a good probability that robots can help you do it more effectively.

Can Artificial Intelligence replace human writers?

Can AI replace human creativity? This question has raised anxiety among some professional writers. But the truth is that even AI has its own limits. Creativity, passion, and compassion are human traits that machines can never imitate. Human writers will always have a one-up in content creation as only they can write an experience in the most engaging and thought-provoking way.

How does AI writing work?

The topmost AI writers in use today employ Natural Language Processing (NLP) to predict text based on the input that you feed it. Whenever you insert a query into the AI writer, it scans for data associated with your input from millions of websites. Then, the language-driven software converts the data into human language, applying grammatical and punctuation guidelines, sentence structure, and some other variables.

4 ways AI can improve the content-creation process

1. Look for fresh topics and keywords

Some writers strive to create content at scale because they don’t know what topics to write about next. But thanks to AI, you can generate hundreds of content topic ideas and keywords in just a few seconds. It enables you to look for the ideas your audience expects the most. Moreover, it helps you envision the internal linking openings you can discover for SEO benefits.

2. Gather user-generated content

Knowing how impactful user-generated content (UGC) is to your marketing campaign, you don’t want to miss out on any brand-related post or comment your customer makes on social media platforms. Luckily, AI can help you recognise and gather customer feedback related to your products.

It achieves this task utilising visual-recognition technology and natural language processing. Visual-recognition technology recognises images of your products while natural language processing tracks huge amounts of content from users about your brand on the internet.

3. Optimise content for SEO

The competition to rank becomes sterner by the day, and the stress of creating top-ranking content can be crushing. Gratefully, AI-powered SEO can enhance your rankings and organic traffic by exploring hidden opportunities, like back links and related keywords.

With ultra-quick processing abilities, the AI SEO algorithms can search the web for content created using that keyword and reveal content gaps to exploit. Even for existing content, the AI algorithm can increase the ranking by rewriting lines to be keyword-centric.

4. Enhance content for landing pages and campaigns

AI allows content creators to increase marketing performance with interactive landing pages that attract maximum customer engagement. It accomplishes this goal by constantly learning proven copywriting formulas and deploying them to create high-quality content and design for landing pages.

One of the ways it finishes this task is by matching users’ keywords with custom images that mirror their interests. If the landing page is already present, the AI algorithm can do an in-depth analysis of the page’s content and offer design and wording suggestions for improvement.

Now that you have learned about content-creation improvement using AI, it’s necessary to acknowledge that these tools are simply content-creation resources — not final resorts. Some of the tools are still in their trial stage, and even the most developed ones may not be able to understand your brand goals as good as you do.

AI content writing is just beginning and has a long way to go. But nothing can replace the human touch of a writer.

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