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8 eCommerce PPC Tips to Increase Your Ad Conversion

8 eCommerce PPC Tips to Increase Your Ad Conversion

Finding every new and long-term customer is not an easy task in this competitive market full of big eCommerce giants like eBay, Amazon, etc. But everybody is here to make a successful get-through into this industry and make some profits out of all the odds. And for doing that, one thing that you will need the most is a thoroughly planned and full-proof marketing plan. But if you have been struggling to build your own empire in this business industry for long enough, you’d know that the complex systems of the paid ads can be extremely frustrating at times. 

Thus, we have brought to you the most powerful organized PPC strategies to optimize your conversions from ads. These tips are going to help any marketer in converting the searchers into your potential customers. 

1. Select the Right Time to Display the Ads

Choosing the right time to display your ads to the right people is an essential key for inbound marketing. You need to conduct some good research to determine a perfect time for showing the ads to your targeted audience when most people stay active on different platforms and prefer making their purchases. Start by analyzing the best time of the years, and then cut it down to a week and then to a single day. It will help you target the most attention of the right consumers at the right time and save your time and money in return.

2. Plan Keywords with Long Tails

You can never neglect the on-page SEO strategies when we are talking about effective marketing strategies. Among all the other SEO parameters, keywords play the most vital role. Choosing the right keywords that are most relevant to your business and have low competition should be your aim. The research process for finding the right keyword can take time. Meanwhile, you can choose the long-tail keywords instead of the broad-tail keywords, as the former can help you rank higher on the search results due to the lower competition and traffic-rate. 

3. List Out the Negative Keywords

This strategy is among the most crucial PPC tip for maximizing ad conversions. Negative keywords are something that you want to avoid for the search engines to show your results. These are the keywords that may sound similar to your ad campaigns but hardly have any relevance to your business. This negative keywords-listing will eliminate the unproductive traffic on your site and enhance the possibilities of conversions from the right channels.

4. Highlight the Offers

Give your customers a reason to click on your ads. Offers are discounts on products and services is always a great way to draw some new customers to your website. Now, if you are planning to make better results out of this strategy, you need to focus on the words and the designs you are using for advertising the offer. Try using words like ‘off now’, ‘bestsellers’, ‘new’, etc. to grab the attention. And mention the limited period the offers are live for in highlighted fonts. 

5. Utilize the Ad Extensions

You can make use of the ad extensions as an effective way of PPC strategy. These ad extensions help your customers get more information about your product or services on the search engine result pages (SERPs). Some common examples of ad extensions include your address, phone number, link to your websites, availability hours, etc. However, your ad needs to fulfill a few criteria and offer some meaningful value to show the extensions along with it. 

6. Manage the Geographical Location Settings

If your business is more dependent on a local market than the global market, you must manage your geolocation settings. This setting enables your ads to target the customers within your targeted locale. It is always better to target more significant markets for more probability of business conversions. But not all businesses have the same nature of operations. If you have an institutional business, then setting your geolocation to a smaller area will be more helpful. But if you have an eCommerce business, setting your location with a wider radius is more important.

7. Aim for The Various Devices

It is one of the most special PPC tips. We all tend to access the web-world from our different devices like computers, tablets, and mobiles. Nowadays, we have seen a significant rise the mobile eCommerce trading. You can strategically make ad campaigns specifically for mobile devices for catering better business to mobile users. Or if you have a service that you feel people would prefer accessing from their desktops or other larger devices, you can make a progressive design that can support all different devices with equal efficiency.

8. Split Testing

It is also popularly known as A/B testing. Testing your websites and ad campaigns from time to time is crucial. We, humans, are prone to make mistakes. After following all the useful tips and tricks of marketing, you can still make some mistakes. To avoid such errors, you can conduct A/B testing on your campaigns. 


We hope that this article will help give you some insights on the available and reliable channels of Ecommerce PPC Marketing to increase the conversions from the ads. If you want to optimize the returns on your investment, you must have a set of well-planned and consistent advertising strategies. To plan more effective strategies and implement them more consistently in your business, you can hire professional marketing planners and dedicated service providers.

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