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SEO Strategies for Startups in 2021

SEO Strategies for Startups in 2021

“Keep the Pareto Principle in mind: 80% of your results will come from 20% of your efforts. Identify the SEO strategies that will lead to this 20%, and focus on those” says Alexander Porter of Search It Local. While many marketers and founders may not want to focus solely on SEO for business, they all do unanimously agree that it is an integral part of the overall marketing process.

Here are some of the SEO strategies you can employ as a startup.

1.Set Your SEO Goals

You must understand the nature of your business and your audience. Will they be doing “near me” searches? Are you trying to target a new region on the globe to set a base? Once you know what you want to achieve and who you’re targeting, you can begin to execute.

2.Create a Basic Measurement System

How would you determine if your SEO was doing well? You set up measurement metrics. Do you want to optimise the search traffic for specific keywords? Or maybe you want to increase the average time spent on your website.

3.Fix Technical SEO Issues

You can crawl your website and index your site’s pages. These will validate backlinks based on the HTTP response code. You can try SEO tools such as Screaming Frog which will crawl duplicate content, meta robots, redirects and URL structures.

4.Audit All User Experience Aspects on Your Websites

UX is an SEO ranking factor. Issues like poor navigation, mobile-screen incompatibility and non-clickable links impede the user experience and increase drop-off rates from websites. Use heatmap software to track user engagement.

5. Find Long-tail keywords to Rank For

These are longer search phrases that have a lower search volume than single keywords. You can use these to capture relevant traffic to a website. You can use these to target a niche audience.

6. Prioritise Content

You can prioritise various keywords and content topics by checking what your audience is searching for. “How to” articles perform the best, as they teach the audience practical skills and steps on how to carry out a given task.

7.Stay Updated on SEO Updates

The technological space is ever-changing and improving. Therefore, it is essential to keep yourself updated on the new software, and technical improvements to implement the same on your site.

While you set up the SEO on your site, remember that SEO takes time to show results, so give it time to grow!

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