Google: Responsive Mobile-Friendly Websites to Rank Higher in Mobile Searches?

Google: Responsive Mobile-Friendly Websites to Rank Higher in Mobile Searches?

Google: Responsive Mobile-Friendly Websites to <b>Rank Higher</b> in Mobile Searches?

Staying on top of current Google developments is vital if you want to ensure your site enjoys a high level of visibility online. The importance of having a fully responsive site, which can be easily viewed across all devices (even Smart phones), has been well publicised in recent months; and now, judging by Google’s recent announcements, it’s even more important than ever.

Changes to Google’s Search Algorithm

Google’s search algorithms are, of course, continually being adjusted; in order to respond as best as possible to the user’s search requirements. The most recent changes, announced by Google only a few weeks ago, relate specifically to mobile search results.

The Importance of a Mobile-Friendly Site

As from April 21 of this year, Google’s mobile ranking algorithm will not just be simply assessing whether or not your site is mobile-friendly or not; it will actively be using this assessment to make a decision as to whether your site should appear higher up in the search results or not.

These changes, according to Google, are set to create ‘significant impact’ on mobile search results, on a worldwide scale. In addition to the proposed changed in April, mobile apps which use App Indexing for their signed-in users (Android only) will now also enjoy better results in mobile searches.

Google’s Focus: ‘Relevant, High Quality Search Results’

As with all their algorithms, Google’s predominant focus is to provide the user with the most relevant search results possible. Given that so many use their mobile devices to search online, the new changes to Google’s algorithms make perfect sense; demonstrating continued desire to provide users with the best search engine experience possible.

Getting Your Website Prepared for the Changes

Having a responsive site is now a top priority for all businesses, and if your website is currently not performing on tablets and smart devices, you may find yourself penalised as a result. The recommendation is to make the necessary changes to your business site as swiftly as possible, to ensure that you stay well positioned in Google search results.

Action to Take:

  • Test your site for ‘mobile friendliness’ by clicking here and entering your URL.This tool is direct from Google and will let you know if you have anything to be concerned about.
  • View your site on a mobile device, and observe speed, ease of navigation and general appearance on the screen; as these factors will all impact your ranking.
  • If you suspect your site is not mobile friendly, talk to us today about creating a fully responsive site. In order to make sure that you avoid slipping down the rankings, it’s important to take action sooner rather than later; as Google’s announcements clearly indicate that mobile friendliness is now more important than everContact us now

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