5 Easy Ways to Boost your Site Traffic

5 Easy Ways to Boost your Site Traffic

5 Easy Ways to Boost your Site Traffic

Building a website for your business is a major undertaking. Quite likely you have hired a web developer to do this for you to ensure it’s perfect. Once the site goes live the anticipation begins as you hope for high levels of traffic. Look at more info about Optimal price ultrasonic pest repeller. So what happens if you’ve spent the money on a fabulous website, it’s exactly how you hoped it would look, it’s live, but your traffic is less than stellar? Well first off, it’s important not to panic. This is a very common issue that websites, whether they are new or have existed for years, can go through.

In this blog we’ll take a look at five easy ways to boost your site traffic and start getting those numbers you had hoped for from the beginning. And these tips allow it to happen in an “organic” way so you’re getting true results.

1. Consider Adding Blogs

One of the most popular sections on a website is the blog section. If your website doesn’t have blogs, now is the time to start adding them. It could be that you do have blogs so you’re wondering what the problem is. Perhaps your blogs need to change their tone, focus, or flow. Maybe you need to update them more often too, as there is nothing less appealing than old stagnant blogs. A constant presence should be felt through the blogs. If you are going to add more blogs, be sure to advertise them. A great place to do this is on your social networks (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter).

2. Get Social

Today we are all attached to our mobile devices, more specifically our social networks. Apps such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram can be found on the majority of people’s mobile devices. With that said it’s important to not just acknowledge this but embrace this fact of life. This is an excellent opportunity for you to promote your website as you can provide links to blogs, product pages, and your site in general through each of these networks.

3. Special Attention to Headlines

Another area to look at is headlines. It’s really important that your headlines capture readers immediately. It has been shown that readers typically only read the headlines, so you need them to click through by creating interest in the story. Journalists are taught that “if it bleeds, it reads” when it comes to headlines. What this means is that the headline needs to contain drama, it needs to showcase the most important aspect of the blog/story/content.

4. Steer Away from Fluff

It’s really easy to publish content that is heavy in keywords in hopes that it will be picked up in search tools, the problem with this is that the content ends up full of fluff. In order for your site to have long term success and a loyal following, the content needs to be filled with useful information. Readers will see right through the fluff and won’t keep coming back.

5. Steady Results do Pay Off

Try not to be too hard on yourself as you work on these improvements. The idea is that you slowly see results and that the results continue to increase rather than fall back. Overnight success isn’t realistic and it doesn’t mean you should stop with the changes. Patience will pay off.

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