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4 Top White-Label Services & Solutions to Shoot up Your Revenue

4 Top White-Label Services & Solutions to Shoot up Your Revenue

Brand presence, brand awareness, product marketing, product selling —how do you keep up with them all? How do you stay up with all of these services when they’re changing at breakneck speed? If you’re a business owner with a problem, your first impulse could be to try do-it-yourself methods. After all, isn’t that what entrepreneurship is about?

Not all of the time. Building a bespoke solution from the ground up to match the exact needs of your organisation might be a recipe for disaster in many situations. Because constructing your own answer might lead to:

  • Make the same mistakes that others have already made and perfected instead of reinventing the wheel
  • As you try to troubleshoot and expand your learning curve outside of your core expertise, your time to market will be dramatically slowed
  • Spending too much money on tools and solutions that already exist in other forms is a waste of money
  • You'll be missing out on resources and knowledge in the area where you require a specialised solution

This is where white-label and private-label software, products, and services can fill in the gaps.

What is a White-Label Solution, and how does it work?

A white label solution is a product or service that you may rebrand and resell to clients under your own name. You can purchase white-label items and services that are not branded. Customers will be able to link the product with the reseller if the reseller customises it with their own brand, logo, and identity. Meanwhile, the producer may concentrate on discovering the most cost-effective ways to create the product without having to worry about its marketing.

Taking advantage of the growing number of white-label business options available in the digital marketing industry may help your agency make significant earnings without “losing face” by openly outsourcing your goods and services.

Benefits of White Label Solutions

Adding resellable and rebrandable digital marketing products and services to your main company strategy has several advantages.

Scalability is one of the most significant advantages. These white label solutions enable you to grow your organisation in a variety of ways that are both quick and safe.

  • Increases the size of your offering: You can quickly add new goods and services to your core offering by utilising white and private label solutions. You may go from entrepreneur to agency and beyond in a short period of time.
  • Reduces your expenses: By utilising these resellable solutions, you can reduce your overhead and resource costs. For products, there is no development work or IT setup. For fulfillment, there is no training or in-house bodies.
  • Increases your revenue potential: You're implementing a bulletproof ROI approach by utilising white and private label solutions. You can purchase items and services at wholesale prices, mark them up, and resale under your agency's name.
  • Builds your company's reputation: You'll rapidly establish yourself as the go-to "local expert" if you provide every digital marketing option that local firms require.
  • Improves client retention: More items equal more reasons for customers to stick around and make you their one-stop shop.
  • Makes you stand out: You can focus on what your agency does best and build out your brand to stand out in the crowd with less time spent on fulfillment and sorting out nitty-gritty details.

White-label business options are fantastic ways to expand your brand, reputation, the basket of services, and revenue to new heights.

White Label Services and Solutions

1) Digital Advertising

White-label digital advertising includes rebrandable advertising platforms, reports, campaigns, and solutions that allow you to brand and resell digital advertising services to local businesses. Because digital advertising is primarily a marketing service, service fulfillment is the most prevalent white-label opportunity in this space. Your company may collaborate with a white-label service provider to plan, develop, and manage digital advertising campaigns for your customers.

Fact: Nearly 87 percent of small businesses utilise digital advertising to build their business and two-thirds of SMBs want to use such platforms in the near future to expand their business.

Since ad expenditure immediately correlates to results like conversions and sales, digital advertising is also one of the easiest places to give precise ROI data. However, without an expert on your team, PPC, social, display, and mobile advertising may be tough to handle. Introducing a resellable advertising solution allows you to borrow the knowledge of a team of advertising experts and add them to your brand to meet the campaign demands of your clients.

White label digital advertising solution: 

The campaigns are entirely dependent on the white-label service provider. Consider a rebrandable solution that covers a wide range of advertising services, including:

  • Creating and optimising multi-channel campaigns
  • Youtube video
  • AdWords Search
  • AdWords Display
  • Facebook display ads
  • Mobile-friendly landing page

2) Social Media Marketing

White-label Social media marketing may take many different forms, including social media content production, social media services such as controlled posting, and even rebrandable social media management software. All of these solutions are rebrandable, allowing resellers to offer new social media solutions to their business clients at their own price point. Being active on all of the appropriate social media channels allows your customers to interact with their target market and increase sales by carefully placing “learn more,” “call now,” and “message us” buttons to raise brand awareness and engage in the discussion.

Fact: 73 percent of SMBs utilise social media marketing to promote their businesses. 63% of SMBs plan to raise their social marketing budgets in the following year.

White label social media marketing solution:

A social media platform is an excellent method to enter the social media marketing industry with a white-label product. Giving your clients a single source of truth for all of their social accounts allows them to take control of their social presence, connect with clients, and create new leads—all through a platform that’s branded and sold as your own.

Platforms for social media should be:

  • Mobile-friendly
  • 100% rebrandable
  • Fully supported with post interactions, comments, and more

3) Company Apps

Apps developed by a white or private label app development company then rebranded and resold by other businesses are known as white-label apps. White-label app solutions are services in which a company client orders an app from Company B (reseller), but the app is created by Company A. (third-party service provider). A white-label app is a custom application developed by a provider and rebranded and resold by several resellers.

Fact: Apps now account for 90% of all time spent on mobile phones.

However, app development is difficult, and providing this new service would necessitate the creation of a whole new development team devoted to creating custom apps for corporate clients. You can add a “mobile app” to your other marketing services without worrying about additional overhead expenses or development complexity by outsourcing this solution to a third-party development team.

White-label app solution:

Mobile applications are a great way to add value to your shop, but they demand high-quality bespoke development work. When you’re looking for a white-label partner to deliver this service, keep the following in mind:

  • For customers, build 100% bespoke apps
  • To evaluate, progress reports containing draughts and early versions of the app
  • Every software is subjected to extensive QA testing
  • On early app versions, numerous revisions are supported
  • After the software has been released in the Apple and Google Play stores, we will continue to provide support

4) Websites

Any website-related service or product that a reseller may rebrand and offer to business clients at their own pricing point is referred to as white-label website solutions. A website hosting reseller scheme, rebrandable web design services, or even resellable website add-on goods are all examples of this. A design and development service supplied by a third-party supplier is the most prevalent type of white-label website. Companies can resell websites created by a white-label website provider under their own brand and at their own pricing.

Fact: For their digital marketing, 51% of small companies spend on websites.

Websites are an important part of every company’s online presence since they serve as the “home base” for its virtual entrance. Every other part of digital marketing leads back to your website, which serves as the basis of your client’s online presence and is designed to convert visitors into customers. That is why, website white-label service is considered to be extremely important.

White-label website solution:

Any reseller that works in the marketing sector would benefit from adding some type of white-label website design and development service. As a white label service, you can offer a complete website package that includes:

  • Design and development
  • Hosting through a white-label service provider
  • Appointment schedulers
  • Live chats
  • Form builders
  • Content development and optimisation in order to rank for key phrases
  • Robust reporting dashboard that displays the SEO services' progress and outcomes
  • Updates and documentation of the SEO procedure on a regular basis
  • Details on the major advantages of better SEO, such as greater organic traffic as a result of a higher SERP rank

When it comes to expanding your income using white-label marketing software and services, you have a lot of alternatives. It all boils down to deciding what services you want to provide and who you’ll work with for white-label service providers.

To summarise, white-labeled and private-label solutions are not something your firm should overlook and expanding your digital marketing agency’s product and service offerings mean generating new income streams and boosting your bottom line.

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