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Does an Ecommerce Website Need PPC?
Pay-per-click (PPC) is a digital advertising method in which, for every user click on the advertisements, a business pays the ad publisher. When you are working on expanding your business, you will most probably use this primary method to get more leads.
PPC is often used to represent search engine advertising platforms like Google Adwords, and many advertisers deploy this method. Agencies usually use an automated system to generate as they lack resources and time. We understand that this might get you a few leads but would not justify your total investment in the paid campaign.

Why Choose Us?

You can see many new customers visiting and buying from your shop if you run the right types of PPC Campaigns. With us, Certified Google Partners, you bring onboard experience, knowledge, and science behind PPC Ad Strategies. 
We know how tweaking some basic rules of Ecommerce PPC can yield the results our clients want. We also know what might work for one client might not work another, so we create customised strategies. We will balance out broad and extremely-specific keywords, bid on keywords similar to your competitors, focus on landing page’s design and content, analyse your website’s design and text ad copy, and maintain the keyword consistency between your ad’s text and landing page’s text.
These PPC Services have helped us work with clients like across various different Ecommerce industries and for the last year have increased sales of our clients by 82% on average by running effective PPC campaigns.
Our top-notch PPC services will also help in refining and optimising existing campaigns that enable better Returns on investment (ROI). The right Ecommerce PPC Agency, like Cresconnect, will help implement several A/B testing events for PPC-based advertisement formats. This will enhance conversions with comparatively lower investments.

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      Our Process

      Google Shopping

      Google Shopping, earlier known as ‘product listing ads,’ is an advertising channel through Google ads. With Google Shopping, consumers can search for, compare, and buy products from different retailers who have invested in advertising their products. The results in Google Shopping appear as thumbnail images that display every product’s retailer and price.  Retailers reap the benefits of this because when a shopper clicks on a product link, they are redirected to the retailer’s Ecommerce Website from where they can purchase the item.
      If your business has an enormous catalogue of products, Google Shopping Ads are one of the best parts of PPC advertising for your business.

      Google Display Network

      When your target audience is browsing their preferred websites, checking their Gmail account, watching a YouTube video, or using mobile devices and apps, you can reach them with the help of Google Display Network.
      You can reach your audience based on geographic and demographic data, interests, and how their past engagement has been with your website or brand. Practical and clever utilisation of responsive display ads, uploaded image ads, engagement ads, and Gmail ads can help you find new customers and engage with existing customers.

      Google Ads

      A brilliant way to grow your business, Google Ads makes your paid ad appear in front of your customers when they are looking for business and services like yours on Google Search and Maps. When your prospective customers use a desktop or mobile, the placement of a well-timed ad can convert those to customers. The great part is that only when a person clicks to your website or calls your business, then only you pay.
      The high traffic that Google receives every day makes this platform highly successful. When you want to invest in Google Ads, we will do our thorough research on the search terms on which you should bid. These terms will contend with other advertisers to appear first before the target audience.

      Facebook and Instagram Marketing

      Facebook and Instagram marketing can be beneficial in boosting and growing your Ecommerce Website. Facebook’s free business page option, developed consumer-targeting capabilities, and a built-in advertising platform allows you to reach many new customers.
      With Facebook and Instagram, you can make sure that your customers are updated with the latest information, communicate with more people with Page promotions and boosted posts, create awareness about your products, offer good customer service, build a community and promote an event among others.  Facebook and Instagram shops help your customers find the products that will serve them well. These shops can be set up quickly, easy to use, and load quicker compared to a mobile website. User-generated content on these platforms also helps you in your marketing strategy.
      Our Ecommerce PPC Strategies are efficient and result-oriented.


      Remarketing refers to advertising to and communicating with people who have interacted with your website or mobile app. When these people are browsing Google or its partner websites, with the help of remarketing, your ads will be strategically placed in front of these people. This will increase your brand awareness or remind shoppers to come back and buy your products.  Remarketing ads are the final push required for these users to convert into paying customers.
      This is a calculated move in your Ecommerce PPC Services that, with well-timed targeting, focused advertising, broad reach, simple ad creation, and campaign statistics, helps you grow your business.

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      Case Studies

      See actual results showing how our marketing experts developed marketing campaigns that improved traffic and conversions for real Ecommerce businesses. Our digital agency can drive this type of brand awareness and results for your Ecommerce brand!