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How important is Responsive Web Design? Top Five Reasons

Everyone that has a business faces the task of web design and development. Typically, people have an idea of what they want and tend to get excited about design but their bubble bursts when the webmaster picks it apart. Why does t read more>>

SEO in 2017: The Penguin Way

SEO has evolved rapidly in the last five years. Partly, it has been the changing dynamics of the virtual world and how social media has impacted search engines. Partly, it has been the regular revisions of the of the major search read more>>

8 Ways to Rank Higher in Google without Breaking the Bank

Ranking on top pages of Google is not easy in the fiercely competitive market of nearly 1 billion websites. Many big businesses have large budget campaigns to be seen on the first page of Google. It’s not realistic for small to read more>>

Google: Responsive Mobile-Friendly Websites to Rank Higher in Mobile Searches?

Staying on top of current Google developments is vital if you want to ensure your site enjoys a high level of visibility online. The importance of having a fully responsive site, which can be easily viewed across all devices (even read more>>

How is your website performing? Find out with our complimentary report

You and everyone else wants their company to be on the first page of the search results. Historically, this has been attainable for companies of all shapes and sizes, but in recent years, getting to the top of Google has become fe read more>>