HL TRAD - Cresconnect


About the company

HL TRAD is a French Company founded in 2006 by 2 passionate B2B language service specialists with a sole purpose to bridge the gap between different languages. This innovative translation company is centred around legal and financial sectors. It is to this original and atypical concept that HL TRAD owes its remarkable expansion today.

Objectives of the website

  • A multilingual website with Geo Location redirection feature
  • Improve overall experience to make the site more engaging
  • Ensure easy business navigation through straight forward menus like Home, What We Do, Our Commitments, Our Company etc
  • Increase online enquiries by promoting services.
  • For different languages, content contribution had to be managed easily at the backend by way of an implementation of a WordPress multi website network.

Phase 1 Prototyping

In a world where everything is closer and easily accessible, one thing remains as distant as ever before; language. In order to bridge this gap, HL TRAD, the French language service specialists approached us to improve their online digital representation. Finding the right imagery for each of the major 7 locations is what made this project a lot of fun.

Phase 2 Style concept

HL TRAD approached us for a website that could grow with their business. We established a fresh and interactive website to provide a great UX. We incorporated their logo colours of purples and greys throughout the website. Creating an intuitive architecture for 7 different locations was no easy task. We developed custom icons for robust navigation. Clear stated menus for new or returning user remained our core focus.

Phase 3 Bringing it all together

Integrating the desired information into the new website, our developers added a ‘Get a Quote’ button throughout the website for easy and quick accessibility. A powerful search bar, What we do and Our key commitments sections on the homepage help in easy navigation. The new face of HL TRAD bridges the gap between access to resources and a great UX.