GIOIA MILANO - Cresconnect


About the company

Gioia Milano is an exclusive online Italian fashion store for women based in the UK and manufacturing in Italy. Gioia was created to offer women chic garments, passionately created in every detail by our designers in order to style every lady with carefully chosen fabrics, colours and exceptional figures.

Objectives of the website

  • To launch and promote the best quality Italian style designer clothing line to women across the UK, USA and Italy.
  • Basic goal to maximum traffic and increasing online sales as it is an eCommerce website.
  • Responsive Web Design will increase user accessibility & website engagement.
  • Organic SEO search results leading to goal conversions.
  • User-friendly backend providing a simple and uncomplicated content management system.

Phase 1 Prototyping

Having understood the overall vision that Gioia had set out, we got to work looking at the various personas that would visit the site to begin building their journey. We provided Gioia with Storyboards to help them visualise the future website and experience what their users would. The project was a lot of fun as the team learnt a lot about the great Italian style and also managed to take in some Italian whilst implementing the Multi language setup.

Phase 2 Style concept

In order to properly fulfil the expectation of Gioia Milano from us, we incorporated photos that the client had carried out during a Professional shoot and kept the fashion style colours around the theme. The feel of the site needed to be chic and elegant and provide a very sophisticated platform for the elegant items of clothing. We provided a design with a touch of style, fashion and optimised user experience. Being an eCommerce website built by us on Magento, we kept the user experience on priority throughout the entire design process.

Phase 3 Bringing it all together

In order to fully capitalise on the new website’s fresh look, our developers created a “Clothing” page with some sub pages (e.g. Dresses, Coats and Jackets and Trousers etc) to provide better navigation and greater visibility to the visitors and improve the site’s overall functionality. Going live in the last Quarter of 2014, we also began our Online Marketing of the site through our comprehensive SEO campaign as well as a Paid Ads campaign through Google, Yahoo/Bing (bing ads), Facebook and YouTube. After 3 months many of their relevant keyword terms are appearing on the first page of Google and their Visits to the site go from strength to strength. Buying Italian designer clothes online has never been easier...