About the company

Fortress Restorations are an extensive team of experienced builders, façade cleaners and restoration and conservation specialists. With years of combined experience, they take real pride in their work and great delight in restoring buildings to their former glory.

Objectives of the website

  • To promote their restoration services online across the UK
  • To create a responsive web design which should be compatible with all devices
  • Promote and establish organic SEO to achieve overall conversions
  • To have an easy to maintain content with a user-friendly backend

Phase 1 Prototyping

Fortress Restoration’s straight forward and honest business approach required a website that mirrored their philosophy. Service categories and contact information had to be clearly identified and easily accessible. We got to work looking at the audience that would visit the site and begin building their journey. Providing them with Story Boards helped them visualise the future website and experience what their users would and to come up with something unique, stylish and concrete.

Phase 2 Style concept

Our goal was to create a modern and advanced website with a clean and inviting look. We kept a royal wall colour style around the theme which conveyed the website’s message very nicely to the visitors. The feel of the site needed to be professional and elegant and needed to provide a very sophisticated platform for the services of Fortress Restorations. We provided a design with a touch of professionalism and elegant and optimised user experience.

Phase 3 Bringing it all together

In order to fully capitalise on the new website’s fresh look, our developers created separate pages for “Construction”and “Restoration” to provide better navigation and greater visibility to the visitors and improve the site’s overall functionality. We also began our Online Marketing of the site through our comprehensive SEO campaign. After 3 months many of their relevant keyword terms are appearing on the first page of Google and their Visits to the site go from strength to strength.