FORTE ICT - Cresconnect


About the company

Forte ICT is a value added human capital consultancy founded by likeminded people with over 45 years of recruitment and industry related experience between them. They strongly believe in making the right choices delivers successful results for both their clients and candidates. In developing an open and transparent partnership, they focus on building respect and trust that leads to such a thorough understanding of requirements that they become most effective advocates for their client’s.

Objectives of the website

  • To create successful recruitment partnership
  • Describe the connectivity of FORTE ICT with various regions around the world through video on Homepage.
  • Achieve excellent device accessibility and experience through a Responsive Web Design
  • Promote and establish organic SEO to achieve overall conversions
  • Backend must be user-friendly to maintain content.
  • Custom Web Design with video slider
  • UX Design with Cutting edge technology
  • Content Management System with Word Press
  • Future-Friendly Web Development
  • To effectively communicate the company's identity and broad range of recruitment.

Phase 1 Prototyping

Forte ICT’s keen working principles and honest business approach required a website that elaborated their philosophy. The team researched on this topic to come-up with something unique, stylish and concrete. Recruitment verticals & sectors as well as Recruitment hiring outsourcing categories had to be clearly identified. Looking into the expectations of Forte ICT from their website, we got to work looking at the audience that would visit the site and begin their journey of the recruitment process.

Phase 2 Style concept

As researched on Forte ICT’s expectations, we produced a video slider that helped to visualise their presence around the globe. Our goal was to create a modern and advanced but simple & easy to understand website with a clean and inviting look. To convey the website’s message very well to the visitors, we kept a blue colour style as well as black & white images around the theme. We provided a design with a touch of professionalism, elegance and optimised the user engagement and experience as the feel of the website needed to provide a very sophisticated platform for the services of Forte ICT.

Phase 3 Bringing it all together

Creating a website from scratch for Forte ICT and to compliment that new look, we crafted a sleek and a polished website. From adding a custom video slider to show their presence, clear and discrete tabs on homepage for Client registration, Candidate registration & Job email notification. This new site helped the clients to find the appropriate talent and assist the candidates with the hiring procedures.