Case Study of CYMBA Technologies

About the company

CYMBA Technologies is a company that provide developed portfolio analysis, trading and compliance products for Fund Managers and Traders to manage their portfolios and funds either on behalf of their investors or for their own internal funds. Their products like Athena, Centurion & Silverstone are used by Hedge Funds, traditional Asset Managers and most recently Brokers

Objectives of the website

  • To make it look sharper, more professional and fine tune our message.
  • Allow world to know who we are, our products & services; also ultimately increase online presence.
  • Informative & Responsive Web Design is main feature for user’s engagement.
  • Increase organic search results by optimising on Search Engines.
  • A user friendly backend should help to have multiple content contributions.
  • Custom Web Design
  • Responsive Web Design
  • UX Design & Content Strategy
  • Future-Friendly Web Development

Phase 1 Prototyping

CYMBA Technologies had set out their vision.We worked on a practical and user focussed interface useful for their users.To help the website audience visualise the solutions that CYMBA Technologies are offering, we provided a navigation system that based on clients who were visiting the site to be able to go to the area on the site that they needed and then to be able to find a solution.

Phase 2 Style concept

We married the right business solutions & products in order to properly fulfil the expectation of CYMBA Technologies from us. The feel of the site needed to be professional, corporate and high tech. We provided a design with a touch of a formal feel and ultimately we kept the user experience as a priority throughout the entire design process.

Phase 3 Bringing it all together

To provide better navigation and greater visibility to the visitors and improve the overall site’s functionality our developers created an easy navigation system, which can allow the user to navigate from any page to the appropriate page. Through our comprehensive SEO campaign, we began our Online Marketing of the site. We are confident to many of their relevant keyword terms will be appearing on the first page of Google and their visits to the site will increase.